Apparatus and method for electrode adhesion of matrix net

그물망의 전극 부착방법 및 부착장치


A method and an apparatus for attaching electrodes to a net are provided to form net type electrodes by integrating electrodes for the application of power with a net using mechanical properties of FRP(Fiber Reinforced Plastics) without adhering the electrodes to the net. A method for attaching electrodes to a net comprises: a compression molding step of compression molding a non-vulcanized conductive rubber(211) integrally joined with outer sides of reticular metal braided wires(310); an electrode forming step of pressing and attaching the molded metal braided wires to a net(410) in parallel and integrally hardening the molded metal braided wires with a net to form electrodes; and an electrode drawing step of drawing a plurality of formed electrodes as a pair of electrodes, wherein the electrode drawing step comprises arranging the metal braided wires in the direction perpendicular to both ends of plural pairs of electrodes alternately, and sequentially, pressing, heating, and hardening the perpendicular intersecting points of the electrodes and the braided wires by upper and lower hot plates(105) of a hot press to attach the electrodes to the net such that electrode withdrawal lines of a pair of electric resistance circuits are respectively formed on both ends of the electrodes attached to the net in a parallel structure.
본 발명은 그물망에 전원을 인가하기 위한 그물망의 전극 부착방법 및 부착장치에 관한 것으로서, 망사형 금속 편조선의 외측에 일체로 결합하는 미가류 도전성고무의 압축성형기(200)와, 상기 성형 된 금속 편조선을 그물망에 평행선으로 압축 부착하여 일체로 경화하는 핫 프레스(100)와, 상기 형성된 다수의 전극을 한 쌍의 전극으로 인출하여 압축 경화를 포함하는 것을 특징으로 한다.




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